Great Writing—And Great Marketing—Is Like a Great Strip Tease

at Writers In The Storm Blog

Blogged on Dec. 13, 2017 about how great writing and market is like a great strip tease for Writers in the Storm.

In the business world, you must make your products stand out in a cluttered marketplace. As an author, I need to fight for attention on cluttered digital bookshelves. At the risk of appearing insensitive in the current and long-overdue environment of #MeToo, you’d think I’d steer clear of the topic of strippers. But it drives home the point. Stay with me.

As Gypsy Rose Lee, one of history’s greatest strippers, said, “It’s not what you do. It’s the way you do it—stripping, or writing, or talking…or just breathing. Do it with an air, and never admit you’re scared.”

Whether they’re Hollywood’s dudes in the 21st Century or burlesque’s dames in the 20th Century, successful strippers employ gimmicks to stand out. In marketing, you must to do the same. And in the publishing industry, I do too.

I explore this idea in a blog for Writers in the Storm (which is ranked as one of the Top 19 best websites for authors by Writer’s Digest). This lively discussion focuses on the need for uniqueness to grab your audience’s attention, spark their imagination and get them to buy whatever it is you’re offering.

You can read it at Writers in the Storm blog.

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