Upcoming releases

Looking to the future


Books by Christopher Lentz:

Spring 2015—Blossom, Book One of the Blossom Trilogy

Summer 2017—Blossom on the Road of Dreams, A Blossom Trilogy Novella


Current projects include:

A contemporary Christmas romance, currently titled Be Dazzling for Christmas, about the hard-to-miss “Barbie Twins” and how the frustrated sister does her best to step out of her mirror image’s shadow to capture the heart of a diamond-in-the-rough guy.

A historical fiction novel, currently titled Bombshells and Beautiful Strangers, that intertwines history and myth to tell a tale of acceptance, family and friendship, while taking a new look at Hollywood’s smartest dumb blonde.

And the remaining installments in the Blossom Trilogy series are in the works, including Blossom and Blaze, Blossom: Lost and Found, Blossom with Bliss, and Blossom at Christmastime.