The Author

Getting to know Christopher Lentz

LENTZ-WEBA man who writes romances, a self-starter who self-publishes and a dreamer who thinks growing old should take longer.

Christopher Lentz is a matchmaker, midwife and murderer…when he’s writing historical and contemporary romances. His stories are about second chances, misfits who find ways to fit in, and how love changes everything.

Christopher made his mark as a corporate-marketing executive before penning the Blossom Trilogy. Blossom, the epic’s first installment, cracked Amazon’s Top Ten “Hot New Releases” list.

He didn’t always love words (in fact, he still has scars from those stand-up-in-front-of-class spelling bees he was an epic failure at), but did learn to master words out of necessity. He was convinced there was a novel hiding somewhere inside him. With the help of some imaginary friends, he found it.

His first literary crush was Scarlett O’Hara. Then came Dorothy Gale, Jo March, Lizzie Bennet and Blanche DuBois. And truth be told, an infatuation with Mary Poppins transpired. Yes, Mary Poppins.

Christopher loves—and devours—anything related to Disney like a ravenous kid inhales a bowl of Cap’n Crunch. It was a dream come true when he spent his college years immersed in Disneyland’s turn-of-the-century Main Street USA selling everything from sticky lollipops to iconic Mickey Mouse ear hats. That experience resulted in a fascination with all things Victorian/Edwardian, not to mention a hoarder-status collection of antiques.

A teenage transplant from Detroit, he married his high-school sweetheart and raised three remarkable daughters and two adorable Yorkshire terriers.

As an active member of Romance Writers of America, he looks forward to writing a bookshelf full of novels about misfits who find ways to fit in.

He’s certain he’ll never run out of dreams or stories, though he’ll undoubtedly run out of time.

He’s convinced love changes everything. Always has. Always will.

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