The Screening Room

It’s one thing to read what a writer writes. It’s entirely something else to see it in a video or to hear the author tell you about his story. With that in mind, below are links to several videos that should give you new insight into Christopher Lentz’s world and the voices that speak in his head.


BLOSSOM by Christopher Lentz – Book Trailer

Get a better sense of the time and place of Blossom by watching this video book trailer. You’ll see film footage of San Francisco taken just days before the great quake. And you’ll learn more about Chinatown in 1906 and what it was like to live up on Nob Hill.  View Trailer


Christopher Lentz: Dreams Do Come True

With hard work and courage, dreams can come true. Christopher Lentz talks about the five big dreams that have come true in his lifetime…so far, that is.  View Video


Christopher Lentz: Blossom Behind the Pages

Hear about the story behind the story. Christopher Lentz shares his thoughts about his debut novel and why he hopes it will engage readers. View Video


Christopher Lentz: How Love Changes Everything

Let’s talk about how love changes everything. In Moulin Rouge!, Christian says, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” Christopher Lentz couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s young love or vintage love, blossoming love or fading love, it truly change everything. View Video