What changes everything?

Love…just love!

Love Changes EverythingYou may have noticed (or maybe you couldn’t avoid noticing) that the phrase “Love Changes Everything” appears on this website and in messages from Christopher Lentz. That’s no mistake. It’s so part of him that it’s only logical that it would come out in his conversations and writings. He’s on a mission to make the world a more loving place one story at a time.

“Love Changes Everything” is a life-lesson for him. A motto. A call to action. A rally cry.

Moulin Rouge! is one of his favorite movies. In the film, the character Christian says, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” Christopher Lentz couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s young love or vintage love, blossoming love or fading love, it truly change everything.

To hear and see him speak out this topic, be sure to watch a brief video interview. View Video