A spouse’s viewpoint

“My husband is a romance writer”

wedding photoA romance writer imagines and tells stories about love. So what’s it like to be married to a man who writes novels that are mainly for women? Is every day like Valentine’s Day? Is there a lot of drama? Candle light? Or is there a lot of time at the keyboard with glassy-eyed stares into the distance? Let’s see what Cheryl Lentz has to say.

How did you two meet?

We were both in the marching band in high school. We became good friends and it grew from there. One of my best girlfriends had a major crush on him. We’d drive to the Tastee Freez ice cream and burger place where he worked. It was usually wasn’t busy so we could stand around and talk. Boy, did that strategy backfire for my friend.

Has Christopher always been romantic?

Yes. It started in high school. Every day he brought me a fresh-cut flower from his family’s garden. It was usually a rose wrapped in a wet paper towel, then some aluminum foil and then a plastic baggie. I always carried the flowers with me around school, and people noticed. I suspect some were a little envious.

Is every day like Valentine’s Day?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that. We’ve been together for almost 40 years. However, he’s always taken Valentine’s Day off from work to be with me. He does the same for our wedding anniversary. We usually go antique shopping and come home with some new treasures. Or, we drive to the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego. That’s where we spent our wedding night before we left on our honeymoon to London and Paris.

What’s the biggest misconception about having a romance writer for a spouse?

I guess people want to know if he’s like the heroes in his stories. He is and he isn’t. He is romantic and sensitive. But he’s not romantic and sensitive every moment of every day. Who is? Who can be?

 He’s on a path that’s not very well traveled by men. Has anyone asked you an embarrassing or too-personal question about having a romance writer for a husband?

No, not yet.

 Are there any perks to being married to a romance writer?

I can get as many autographed copies of his books as I want. 

Do you think you’re in any of his stories? Are you concerned that you will be in the future?

I’m not sure if I am, but I know some of my grandparents are. And that’s okay. I’m not concerned about being in—or inspiring—characters in future stories.

Does everyone in your life know that your husband writes romances? What do they think about it?

There are no secrets, at least about writing love stories. Everyone is really exciting to see another one of his dreams come true. It’s not just anyone who can write a book, much less publish one. And he’s done both!