Did You Know?

Some interesting tidbits about Christopher Lentz

Great Wall 1Christopher Lentz is a man who writes romances, a self-starter who self-publishes and a dreamer who thinks growing old should take longer. A journalist, a corporate marketer and now a romance writer, his career has been all about storytelling.

Some things you should know about him include:

  • He paid for college by dressing up in Winnie the Pooh and Tigger costumes at Disneyland
  • He married his high-school sweetheart and they’ve been inseparable for nearly four decades
  • He has a hoarder-status collection of Victorian/Edwardian antiques
  • He climbed the Great Wall of China in 2014, which satisfied a lifelong desire
  • He burst onto the historical-romance scene in 2015 with his debut love story, Blossom
  • He’s never been a struggling writer who eats cat food and wears Kleenex boxes for shoes, and he hopes that he never is

As an active member of Romance Writers of America, this late bloomer looks forward to writing a bookshelf full novels about misfits who find ways to fit in.

He’s convinced love changes everything. Always has. Always will.

To learn more about his writing, visit www.blossomtrilogy.com.