Blossom kicks off the Blossom Trilogy

It all starts with a fortune cookie...

A Cinderella story like no other, the first installment of the Blossom Trilogy will leave you breathless.

1906, San Francisco: On the brink of one of Mother Nature’s cruelest and most destructive tricks, lovers unite as the earth rips apart…

Combine an epic disaster with a scandalous love triangle, and the romantic result is Blossom. Chinatown fortune-cookie maker Blossom Sun is far from having ANYTHING she wants. Atop Nob Hill, socialite Clarissa Donohue is close to having EVERYTHING she ever desired—that is, until her simple request for fortune cookies triggers unexpected shockwaves.

When Clarissa’s unconventional fiancé, silver-fortune heir Brock St. Clair, catches a glimpse of Blossom, his life turns upside down. Discovering how every secret has a price, Blossom faces the ultimate crossroads as San Francisco is leveled.

No one could have predicted how an earthquake, firestorm and the desires of three strong-willed families would test the strength of Blossom, Clarissa and Brock. When everything falls apart, who’ll be together? Who’s going to see tomorrow?

With love at its epicenter, Blossom’s story happens over just five days, offering a heart-wrenching portrait of those who experience both unimaginable endings and new beginnings. It’s sure to change what you know about longing, love and loss…because in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary choices.

Your experiences with Blossom begin with the book but visit the website to discover the rest. There are videos, interactive quizzes, fortune-cookie messages and so much more!

Praise for the Blossom Trilogy and Christopher Lentz

Top 10 ranking on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” list, Blossom, April 2015

“Earth-shattering…an admirable debut.”—Kirkus Reviews

“It’s impossible to not be immersed in this story of passion and tragedy!”—Midwest Book Review of Blossom

“Lentz describes the novel as ‘Titanic on land.’ It, too, features star-crossed lovers from different social classes, as a humble fortune-cookie maker meets the heir to a silver fortune. And it also builds suspense by letting readers know of an impending disaster the characters don’t expect.”—The Orange County Register

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