The Author

Getting to know Christopher Lentz

A man who writes romances, a self-starter who self-publishes and a dreamer who thinks growing old should take longer.

Christopher Lentz is the acclaimed author of Opening Doors (biography, 2019), My Friend Marilyn (historical fiction, 2018) and The Blossom Trilogy (historical romance). His books are about hope, second chances and outcasts overcoming obstacles. But most of all, they’re about how love changes everything.

Lentz made his mark as a corporate-marketing executive before becoming a full-time storyteller.

When asked to offer a dozen things people should know about him, Lentz says he:

  • Is an author who gave Marilyn Monroe a second chance
  • Kissed the love of his life atop the Eiffel Tower
  • Lives in a haunted Victorian house
  • Earned a paycheck dressing up as Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland
  • Stands in awe of lightening, thunder and his wife’s from-scratch chocolate cake
  • Was born on the 6th of July, but he’s a firecracker just the same
  • Loves a book that reads like a movie
  • Climbed the Great Wall of China…yes, climbed, one does not just walk on it
  • Snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef
  • Firmly believes it isn’t hoarding if your stuff’s cool
  • Survived acupuncture, cupping (which is nothing like spooning) and a spinal tap
  • Discovered that life’s second chapter is the sweetest

He resides in Southern California with his high-school-sweetheart wife and family. To learn more, please visit

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